The Adlibber

More than an agency – Evolving Influence

The Adlibber is a quarterly podcast focused on conversations of influence, some of it planned, much of it adlibbed. Here you will listen to Gavin’s team of agency influencers discuss a variety of digital marketing and brand strategy topics, as well as have conversations with influential people.

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Meet Your Production Team

Jay Scott

Jay is an account director on the public relations team at Gavin, overseeing the agency’s finance accounts. A mass communications major, he’s been in the media and marketing industries for 16 years. Currently, he supports the agency content team with communications content, including blogs and The Adlibber.

Mikaela Mummert

Mikaela is a project manager for digital services at Gavin. She went to school for broadcasting and media production with a minor in marketing. With a background in broadcasting, she has held various roles with local news and radio stations in Central PA. Currently, she manages overall digital strategy, creation, and performance monitoring of campaigns.